The untapped potential of water resources that flows through various existing manmade channels in the state of Uttarakhand could be used wisely in an eco-friendly manner to generate power which in turn can be used by the rural community for various livelihood purposes. With such a mandate United Nation Industrial Development Organization UNIDO had signed a cooperation agreement with Government of India and government of Uttarakhand in 2013 for the promotion of an innovative Ultra Low Head based Micro Hydro Power (ULH-MHP) technology that can be installed in the areas where manmade canal system exists and community is devoid of electric energy for their livelihood purposes.

The mandate of the project is to tap ultra-low head (e.g. head drop less than 3 m) hydro potential at available canal falls for installation of the selected micro hydro power technology. The successful operation of the project will increase the access to renewable energy for productive uses in rural parts of Uttarakhand.

Institute for Development Support (IDS) was involved in the process of survey of potential site for proposed project in Dehradun district and later selected as facilitating agency for community mobilization, training, capacity building and ensuring productive use of energy generated from ULH-MHP project. In Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Ambadi village has been selected on the basis of various technical and socio-economic parameters for piloting the ULH-MHP project. During the pre implementation phase, understanding the local need for renewable energy is considered thoroughly through community consultations, which makes the case for final selection of a project site.

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The objectives of the implementation of the pilot project in the Ambadi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, are follows

  • To facilitate awareness generation process among community members about project aim, objectives, strategy and outcome
  • To disseminate information about relevance of the green, clean technology and water use for energy generation

To develop a sense of ownership among community members for sustainability of proposed technology and local SMEs

To facilitate formation of ‘Community Energy Management Group’ for project planning, implementation, monitoring and operation & maintenance

To facilitate process of productive asset creation, productive use of energy, income generation and marketing of the products

To facilitate training and capacity building programs for the Community Energy Management Group

Key activities conducted under the project
About Us

Following activities are conducted for the achievement of the project aim and objectives during project period.

  • Establish a Baseline Scenario
  • Rapport building and community awareness generation and mobilization
  • Formation and Management of Community Energy Group.
  • Training and Capacity Building of formed group
  • Facilitated installation of ultra low micro hydro power technology
  • Facilitate installation of common facility centre and installation of machine
  • Identification of energy based small enterprises for livelihood enhancement of community group
  • Identification of market linkages for the sustainability of SMEs
  • Ensuring Operation and Maintenance of the assets created under the project