Institute for Development Support (I.D.S) is a registered autonomous non-governmental organization, established in 1993-94 and based in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakahnd. IDS works with rural communities of the Himalayan region with the prime motto of human resource development. The organization believes in an integrated development of Man and Nature and actively involves the stakeholders in implementation of innovative programs in the villages of Uttarakhand. IDS mantra is to facilitate mountain communities to know and understand their own strength so that they could participate in the developmental and environmental activities. The organization aims at helping people utilize their inherent potential to improve their well-being through self awareness and use of traditional wisdom. IDS has multidisciplinary team of professionals including development planners, extension workers and trainers having many years of experience in project development, implementation, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation.

Our Vision

To create an empowered and self reliant society

Our Mission

To develop and implement innovative, multidisciplinary developmental programs that are sustainable and replicable.